martes, octubre 24, 2006

SEPHIROTH - Draconian Poetry

Draconian Poetry

Draconian Poetry is the new album by Sephiroth, a much anticipated sequel to the 1999 debut, Cathedron, which in itself still finds and enthralls new listeners six years down the road. Once again, Sephiroth takes us along on a trip to the twilight zone inbetween darkness and dawn, to forgotten cities and distant, barely remembered lands, where ancient rituals and Eastern influences meet pounding metallic poly-rhythms emanating from subterranean catacombs. If Cathedron moved along the deep green/blue axis on the chromatic scale - as in the hues of the jungle and the ocean - Draconian Poetry arrives in the earth-tinted spectrum: the brownish soil, the corroding greyness of withering, weather-beaten ruins, and the blindingly green setting sun. Sephiroth is there to meet you, bidding you welcome at the crossroad where civilization ends and the unexplored begins; the threshold where dull reality is terminated in favor of boundless fantasy....


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