sábado, octubre 28, 2006

ATARAXIA - Arcana Eco

Arcana Eco

Everything has its origins in the stone and the stone is at the origin of everything.
The stone is a natural element that can be embroidered to create daring architectures or remain massive and impenetrable to the light. ATARAXIA have built the foundations of their manor with that rough material to make them stronger and
unaffectable by time. The water, symbol of death, re-birth, eternal rest and
regeneration, has become their spiritual guide and has given them the chance to
progress, to shape and to transform their art throughout the years. Then, the doors of the realm of dreams have opened to allow them to cross deeper dimensions belonging to an ancestral past and attain contemplation. At the end, walking through
a labyrinth leading to a painful and surprising knowledge of themselves, they achieved a new state of enlightenment. What distinguishes a raw stone from a precious one lies in its capacity to be crossed by light and filter it. 'Arcana Eco' is a journey from the rocky underworld up to an eden of light.
'Arcana Eco' is a book describing the story of ATARAXIA's albums through the images of voyage that inspired them.
'Arcana Eco' is also the travel diary of Ferruccio Filippi, a music journalist who
reached ATARAXIA's place to talk with them about their art.
'Arcana Eco ' is a voyage within a voyage.

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