jueves, octubre 12, 2006

Coph Nia - That Which Remains

The recent signings of Cold Meat Industry may have indicated a new direction for the label, one of more outward, nihilistic aggression. But after operating in seclusion for five years, debutants COPH NIA pick up a baton that was never really dropped, as they display a sound firmly rooted in the introspective nord-ambient tradition. Think Lustmord meet Sephiroth meet Raison d'être, all spiced up with moments of delicate polyphony that harken back to goth icons like Dead Can Dance. "That Which Remains" - the result of two years of hard labour - spans topics ranging from death and darkness to passion and reverence, yet a main theme is discernible: the strong belief in the power of the will, both a sword and a shield in the aware individual's perpetual quest for illumination in a secular world about to collapse.

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