miércoles, abril 25, 2007

Roberto Maldoror Manfredini Nieświęty Minimalizm

Roberto Maldoror Manfredini Nieświęty Minimalizm<br />

An assembly of tracks from various albums. It is possible to separate oldest compositions (created by tape) from new digital tracks, often overdubbing with concrete recordings, like war sounds or the noise of a crowd.
The "profan minimalism" (both musical and conceptual), even if it's a kind of satyrical (samples from answering machine, politics, tv, sermons), want to be a translation of Deleuzian excerpts into music.
The last track, "Oceanus Leibnitianus", is a dinamic confusion through the accumulation and superposition of myriad instantaneous "little perceptions" not yet differenciated (like the definition of DJ Spooky's "Invisual Ocean" by Timothy S. Murphy).
The whole album is a tribute to contemporary "musique concrète", art-muzak, meta-citationism, cyber punk and general semi-phonetics (from Ligeti to Residents).
The "semeiotic chains" are created by quotes from: Salvador Dalì, Sandra Milo, Julius Evola, Mario Borghezio, Emil Cioran, Francesco Salvi, Alan Vega, Antonio De Curtis, Alberto Lupo, Siobhán McKenna, Maria Callas.

SS Cygni (The brightest U Geminorum)
Weak mortars
Des larmes et des saints
Il gelsomino notturno
Flying Burrito's Sermon
Sintesi Radiofoniche
Minimalismo Profano
10th and Wolf
Dislessia RV
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh's favorite Rolls-Royce
The Mongoloid Medium
La peste scarlatta
Bedecke deinen Himmel, Zeus
Two Cool Chicks on Speed Listening to Sonic Youth
Sola et unica igiene del mondo
Gay Steel Mill
Apache Plastic Model Kit
Oceanus Leibnitianus



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