jueves, marzo 01, 2007

Letum - Broken


Personal frustration has always been one of the most creative source of inspiration for artists, no matter what genre or art. The second musical offering from Mattias Henrikssons one-man project Letum shows no difference. From the calm and soft darkambient debut CD "The Entrance to Salvation" (CMI.95 - 2001), we found the new CD to be far from salvation! - the choral sounds are still there and the deep and darker sounds, mixed together with more harsh industrial ambiental elements.

The whole album has a beautiful atmosphere of a down dirty depressive feeling of hopelessness and despair. Some sounds are utterly beautiful, some plain mad, some martial powerful and some gritty industrial, all together another very enjoyable travel into the Broken wasteland, a personal hell, guided by Letum.

Download part1 and part 2.



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