viernes, septiembre 22, 2006

Desiderii Marginis - The Ever Green Tree

The Ever Green Tree

Desiderii Marginis was formed in 1993 in Mjölby, Sweden by Johan Levin as a solo-project. The intention was initialy to release just a few demotapes with material that failed to fit into the repertoire of my main band at the time - "The wounded meadow". The first three tapes "Consecrare", "Via Peregrinus" and "Triptych" were limited to a modest handfull. Some of these songs later appeared in new versions on the album Songs over ruins, released on the loveable Cold Meat Industry label. Occasionaly enthusiasts ask for these early tapes but they are not available at the moment. Hopefully I´ll be able to release some selected works from these tapes in the future.
Besides making music for Desiderii Marginis I´m also involved in a medieval band called "Galtagaldr". I play bouzouki, dulcimer, bombarde, flutes and shawn. I´m also learning to play the bagpipe - wich is quite a painful undertaking. I'm interested in history, medieval art and architechture, calligraphy and archeology among others. In the summertime I work as an archeologist assistant and historical guide. I have also studied Cultural Science including philosophy, history, art and litterature at the university of Linköping.

The Ever Green Tree is limited to 500 copies and comes in a
gatefold sleeve with an A2 poster (LP).

Desiderii Marginis - The Ever Green Tree.

Si que tiene multiples ocupaciones y gustos ...bueno ya mero llegamos a Octubre y será su segundo cumpleaños de mi pobre blogger. Así que les adelanto que varios discos serán comentados (aunque use copy - paste) y que para el 29 de Septiembre les voy a subir el disco de Dead Can Dance en vivo, alguno de los multiples que se grabaron el año pasado. Eso con la finalidad de recordar que el año pasado (exactamente el día 29 de Septiembre) visitaron nuestro pais.


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